2024 Members’ Tournament – Registration Open!

Registration is now open for the 2024 USTA Members’ Tournament and closes May 5th. The event begins Monday, May 6th, and will last 4 to 5 weeks. You must be a USTA member to participate; you can join us here. You do not need to be from the US to become a member. The US […]

2023 Tak Open: alion02 wins, three players qualify for next Championship

The current Tak Champion and newly-named Dragon, alion02, has won the 2023 US Tak Open. This tournament saw 148 hard-fought games played between 38 players. While alion02 remained in the lead throughout the tournament, things got quite close at the end, where he only barely made it out by a 1 point margin after second-place […]

Thrilling Conclusions and Upsets: The 2023 Dragon Cup Tournament

The 2023 Dragon Cup Tournament has come to an end! The Dragon Cup was a blast to play in and to watch. For those unaware, it was a single elimination tournament open to all and was played over six weeks. We saw some great games at all levels of the tournament and some pretty huge […]

2022 Members Tournament

Registration is now open for the USTA Members Tournament. It will begin on Saturday, June 25th and last 3 or 4 weeks, depending on participation. Registration closes Friday, June 24th at 10pm BST. You must be a USTA member to participate; you can join us here. You do not need to be in the US to be […]

February Blitz Results

On February 13th we held the first USTA Blitz Tournament of 2021. Since this event was a success we will be running blitz tournaments every other month for the rest of 2021, so keep an eye out on Discord or Reddit for when we announce the April tournament! The tournament was won by NohatCoder and […]

USTA February Blitz Open

Registration is now open for the USTA February Blitz Open. This tournament will take place on Saturday, 13 February. It will start at 9 am PST (12 noon EST, 5 pm GMT) and last 3-4 hours. Registration closes on Friday, 12 February at noon PST. The tournament is free and open to all. There is […]

2020 Tak Champion and Open Results

The 2020 US Tak Open was held in November and December and gave us many great games of tak. In the end fwwwwibib emerged victorious and was crowned the new Tak Champion! He narrowly beat out the previous champion, NohatCoder, who finished in second. They split their games against each other, but NohatCoder lost a […]

2020 US Tak Open

Registration is now open for the 2020 US Tak Open. This is the major biennial tournament run by the USTA.  The 2020 edition will be hosted online at playtak.com and run from 28 November to 20 December.  Registration closes on Friday, 27 November at 9pm PST. This event is open to all members of the Association. The first […]

Tak Events at GenCon 2019

All Tak events have been approved and slotted into the schedule for GenCon 2019! We will be hosting everything from learn-to-play and casual events to the most prize-loaded Tak tournament to date. The schedule has gone live as of today, so visit http://www.GenCon.com and start planning your trip! A big thanks to Greater than Games […]