2020 Tak Champion and Open Results

The 2020 US Tak Open was held in November and December and gave us many great games of tak. In the end fwwwwibib emerged victorious and was crowned the new Tak Champion! He narrowly beat out the previous champion, NohatCoder, who finished in second. They split their games against each other, but NohatCoder lost a single other game that proved decisive.

Third place was a close race – taking two rounds of tiebreak blitz games – but in the end it went to nqeron, with nitzel finishing fourth. NohatCoder very graciously passed on receiving a prize since he has won several previously and wanted to spread around the fancy tak sets. So fwwwwibib and nqeron won stone and wooden pieces respectively, both from IronwoodCarolina, and nitzel won Wolf and Hawk capstones from Worldbuilders Market.

Complete results can be found here. Click on a player’s name to see the results of (and links to) all of their games.

Commentary for some of the matches was recorded by Simmon and can be viewed on YouTube. The commentary video for the third place tiebreak is embedded below.