2023-2024 Championship Cycle

The title of Tak Champion is awarded to the winner of the biennial US Tak Championship tournament that we hold every even year. Not everyone can play in the Tak Chamoionship Tournament, however. To qualify for the Tak Championship, you have a few options, though. Which is really what this page is all about.

Open Tournament (Fall 2023)

This tournament is free and open to all. This tournament is held on every odd year.

Members Tournament (Summer 2024)

This is the spiritual successor to the Opens of 2018 and 2020 and is our flagship members’ event. It is only open to USTA members. (Important note: You do not have to be in the US to be a USTA member)

The Members Only tournament is held every even year.

Tak Championship (Fall 2024)

This will be an eight-player, single-elimination tournament. Qualification for the eight slots will be as follows:

1 slot Current Champion
3 slots Top 3 finishers in the 2023 Open Tournament (who are not the current champion)
2 slots Top 2 finishers in 2024 Members Tournament (who do not qualify by above methods)
2 slots Highest rated players in the Active Tournament Ratings* (who do not qualify by the above methods)

Quarter finals and semifinals will be 4-game matches; the finals will be 6 games. The most important prize will be the title of Tak Champion and getting a name added to the trophy, but there may also be other prizes.

*A weighted average over the qualification period will be used. This is calculated as the average of a player’s ratings at the end of each tournament they participated in, weighted by the number of games in each tournament. To be considered active for this purpose, a player must play at least 20 rated games in the period Jan 15th, 2023 to Nov 1st, 2024, including participating in at least one of the Open, the Members Tournament, or the Tak League. For purposes of these calculations, each season of the League counts as a tournament. Any tournament ongoing on Nov 1st will be taken as ending on that day.