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We want the world to play Tak. Why? Because Tak is a fun, friendly, and challenging game. It encourages clever play and good sportsmanship. And even though the game of Tak plays like an ancient classic, it’s actually a brand new game with an enthusiastic and growing community. The US Tak Association is here to help develop and educate that community and to provide events and services for players all over the world.

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Supporting Tak Education and Competition


What is Tak?

Tak is an abstract strategy game in a similar style to Chess or Go (Baduk). The game is simple to play and enjoyable at all levels, but complex in strategy.


Where can I play?

Purchasing (or making) a set of physical pieces to play with is the best Tak experience. But if you lack the ability or willing opponents, you can find plenty of people looking for a game in the community Discord Chat. Online play takes place on the website.


How can I help?

By far the best way to help us spread the game of Tak is to tell your friends and play the game!

If you are looking to get more involved, or need assistance with your own event, get in touch on the Contact Us page.