2022 Members Tournament

Registration is now open for the USTA Members Tournament. It will begin on Saturday, June 25th and last 3 or 4 weeks, depending on participation. Registration closes Friday, June 24th at 10pm BST. You must be a USTA member to participate; you can join us here.
You do not need to be in the US to be a member.

The top two finishers (who are not already qualified) will qualify for the Tak Championship this fall. The first-place prize is a $100 gift card for the Worldbuilders Market; the best performing player rated under 1800 in the Tournament Ratings will win a $50 gift card. There will be a door prize of a newly-made USTA coin for up to 15 participants. To qualify, you must complete the tournament without dropping out. If more than 15 players qualify, the coins will be awarded by lottery.

In this tournament, we also have a prize for the Most Beautiful Game. This will be voted on by the participants after the tournament is completed, and go to both players of the winning game. The prize is 2 sets of handcrafted capstones (one for each player), made by Bill Leighton and his wife.

Capstone prizes for the Most Beautiful Game (finished and work-in-progress, respectively)
Mock-up of the door prize coin

The format for this tournament is the Nohat system, which is a modified Swiss system described here. All games will be played on a 6×6 board, with a time control of 15 minutes + 15 seconds per move, and 2 komi. If 2 or more players are tied for any prizes, there will be blitz(3 minutes +15 seconds per move) tiebreaks.

The tournament director will be Al Rossin, who can be contacted as @archvenison#9562 on the tak Discord server.