The 2024 March Intermediate Tak Tournament Wrap-Up

After weeks of intense games, the curtains have closed on the 2024 March Intermediate Tak Tournament, leaving behind a trail of memorable matches and crowning a champion. This tournament, tailored for the Intermediate players and Beginner players alike within the Tak community, took place on a 6×6 board, a 15-minute time limit, and a 10-second increment per move. The games were also played with 2 komi, meaning 2 is added to black’s flat count score at the end of the game if the game does not end in a road. With four groups in contention, each group winner earned their place in the Semifinals.

Spawnoza, MehrGills2, gruppler, and phase_spaced emerged victorious from their respective groups, showcasing their prowess on the board and setting the stage for the Semifinal matchups. The Semifinals were a true test of skill, with MehrGills2 and Spawnoza splitting their initial 2 games and having to play a blitz tiebreaker to determine the winner. MehrGills ultimately won that match and moved on to the finals, while phase_spaced secured a decisive victory against gruppler in their semifinal match, setting the stage for an epic showdown in the Finals.

The Finals witnessed a clash of titans as MehrGills2 and phase_spaced battled it out for the title and the first pick of the prizes. In a fairly dominant display, MehrGills2 emerged triumphant in both games, securing victory with a road in both games. As the winner, MehrGills2 will no longer be eligible to play in future Intermediate Open tournaments, including the one we have later this year in November. We may see one of these semifinalists come out victorious, then, or perhaps a newcomer!

The 2024 March Intermediate Tak Tournament was a ton of fun to watch. Participants showcased their talents, honed their skills, and laid the groundwork for future tournaments to come. Congratulations to MehrGills2 on their well-deserved victory, and a heartfelt thank you to all participants for making this tournament so successful. Stay tuned for more thrilling Tak action, and who knows, perhaps next time, the champion will be you.