2024 June Beginner’s Tournament Open for Registration

Come join the June Beginner Tak Tournament! It starts on June 15th. This tournament is inclusive to almost all, with eligibility based on skill level rather than time played. And no, you don’t need to be a USTA member or live in the US to participate. Wondering if you’re a beginner? It’s not about the […]

3D Printable Design Contest

3D Printable Design Contest is open now and submissions will be accepted until 6/24/22. Read the full details and submit your designs here.The top 2 submissions will receive a check from the USTA for $50 and get a 3D Tak Designer Discord role! Not only that, but various levels of participation (not just designing a set, […]

Summer Photo Competition

The #TakItAnywhere photo contest is to encourage the Tak community to share photos of you with friends or family playing Tak anywhere and everywhere! Whether it is on the living room floor, in your backyard, at a pub, on a plane, train, or horse-drawn carriage – share your pictures of playing Tak in any environment! […]