Tak Sets

Commercial Sets

Greater than Games – Tak, 2nd Edition

Worldbuilders Market

Craftsman Sets (Licensed by Greater than Games) – Apply here

Beautiful Upgrades

Vendor URL: https://www.beautiful-upgrades.com

Product Types: Full Tak Sets, Boards, Capstones

Vendor Contact: Contact & Request Form

DIY Sets

Dimensions Calculator – to help you size your homemade board and pieces

Printable Boards (zip folder containing the below with alternate backgrounds (including white))

Generic Letter Game Tiles (one side’s pieces can be painted or stained to differentiate)

Here’s an example of the above from community member Will, using chess knights as capstones.

3D Printable Designs

Designed by gruppler
Suitable for resin printing
Download files

Designed by LiFi
Suitable for filament printing
Download files