The 2024 April Beginner Tak Tournament Wrap-Up

After weeks of strategic battles and exciting play, the April Beginner Tak Tournament has concluded, marking the end of another chapter in the Tak community’s calendar. This event catered specifically to beginner players and was contested on a 6×6 board. Each game featured a 15-minute clock with a 10-second increment. 

The tournament was structured with four round robin groups in the group stages, from which only the winners advanced to the single elimination semi finals round. GoldenGeneral, Fork, Vogopolis, and OliveIsAWord emerged from their groups as the top contenders.

In the semifinals, GoldenGeneral faced off against Fork in a match that unfortunately had both players miss the road by a flat placement from Fork, ultimately ending with GoldenGeneral taking that crucial first game. On the other side, Vogopolis and OliveIsAWord went head-to-head, with Vogopolis showcasing what a little more experience could do to clinch the victory and challenge for the title.

The finals between Vogopolis and GoldenGeneral were actually over quite quickly. GoldenGeneral missed two road threats very early on in both games, leading to Vogopolis winning the match in short order. This victory not only crowned Vogopolis as the champion, but also disqualified him from all future beginner tournaments. Not to mention gave him first pick of the prizes.

The April Beginner Tak Tournament was not just about winning but also about learning and community building. Participants sharpened their skills and forged new friendships, setting the stage for future competitions. Congratulations to Vogopolis on a well-earned victory, and a huge thank you to all the players who participated, making this tournament a memorable event. Keep practicing, and maybe next time, you could be the one holding the trophy!