2023 Trans-AtlanTak

The Old World and New World battled anew in this year’s Trans-AtlanTak Tournament. We had twenty-six competitors from ten different countries battling it out. In years past, the Old World absolutely dominated. It wasn’t even really a contest. This year, however, the New World switched things up and won eight games to five! The first game was a point to Old World, however the next five went to New World, and the following three were quick to follow.

We switched things up a bit this year with a new added feature for rules. Each match was one game on a 6×6 board with fifteen minutes on the clock and a fifteen second increment. Where things differed was the 15 extra minutes each player got once they reached turn 35. This extended some of the longer games and really provided some wild endgames. This was most evident in the Klimace vs MehrGills2 match – which may have been the most swingy game of the tournament. You can check out all the games and the tournament standings here.

So thanks for playing to everyone who participated and congratulations to New World for your first ever Trans-AtlanTak Victory!