USTA 2018 Fall Tournament

The time has arrived for the final qualifying event of the 2018 Tak season. Registrations are now open for the USTA 2018 Fall Tournament and will close September 6th at midnight CDT.

The top two finishers in this tournament will receive qualifying spots into the 2018 USTA Open finals tournament, along with the top two season points leaders who haven’t already qualified. You can see the current standings on the 2018 Season page. It’s not possible to qualify twice so the real impact of this last event on the final slate of players is anyone’s guess.

What we do know is that competition in the finals is going to be strong, with four very talented players already having secured a spot. This includes SultanPepper, the 2016 Open champion, who fought through over three months of weekly matches to secure his title. There’s also NohatCoder, who could be the player to watch this season. Nohat has placed 1st in both events so far this season and as a result also leads the season points total by a large margin.

Below our qualified players there’s a three way tie in the season standings between Answa, Jooms, and applemonkeyman. The performance of any of these players in the upcoming tournament could make a huge difference for all three of their chances. However even a complete unknown isn’t totally out of the mix, as a strong placement in this tournament could send anyone on to the Open finals.

It’s exciting to see who we will be watching in the Open finals come October, so stay tuned here and on our twitter for the latest updates!