US Tak Memberships Now Available

It’s been a long time coming, with many starts and stops, but as of today you can officially become a member of the US Tak Association! Just head over to the Join US Tak page.

Becoming a member of the US Tak Association gives you the right to propose ideas and vote on how the association will be run. This is carried out at an annual member meeting, which will take place as a live stream or web conference to try and include as many members as possible. Details on that event will be announced to members later in the year.

2017 Capstones
2017 USTA Capstones
Additionally, as a special thank you to every member, US Tak will also send out a pair of handcrafted capstones each year. These are available exclusively to members and the design will vary from year to year.

Over time, and as our membership grows, we will be offering more programs and resources to grow and strengthen the community. We will also be working to bring you more events like our efforts at GenCon this year, where the community is interested.

So to everyone in the Tak community, welcome to your player’s Association.