The US Tak Association Events at GenCon

It’s unbelievable, but nearly a year has passed since the US Tak Association’s inaugural event at GenCon last year. Time sure has flown, and now it’s time to talk about GenCon again! We’ve been working hard to create an even bigger lineup of events and I’m very pleased to finally announce all the details!

Before I do, I want to extend a huge thank-you to all of our event sponsors, without which none of this would be possible. So thank you Cheapass Games for all of your support, in more ways than I could list; Wyrmwood Gaming, for prize support with their highly coveted Tak sets; and Digital Game Technology, for providing the digital game timers used in all of our GenCon events.

Event Details

Now let’s get in to the exciting details of our event lineup! This year there are three US Tak Association tournament events happening at GenCon, which takes place from Thursday, Aug 17th through Sunday, Aug 20th. Two of the tournaments are more modest events while the third is this years’ continuation of the GenCon Tak Championship, but with an even bigger prize lineup!

Basic Tak Tournaments

The basic tournaments take place Thursday at 1pm and Friday at 10am. The ticket cost for each these events is $12 per person and they will be played in Swiss format.

Prize Pool Value: $105

2017 GenCon Tak Championship

The championship tournament takes place in two stages. There are two separate qualifying events which will be played in Swiss format. The top 4 players from each of the qualifying events move on to the finals. The finals will be played in single elimination format and take place at the Cheapass Games booth in the exhibit hall.

The qualifying events take place Friday at 2pm and Saturday at 10am. The ticket cost for the qualifiers is $36 per person. The finals take place Saturday at 2pm.

Prize Pool Value: $1,900

Overall I couldn’t be more excited about GenCon, which is taking place in just over a month from now! Get your event tickets while you can, and I hope to see you there!