The January Beginner Tournament is Open for Registration!

Come join the January Beginner Tak Tournament! It starts on January 6th. This tournament is inclusive to almost all, with eligibility based on skill level rather than time played. And no, you don’t need to be a USTA member or live in the US to participate. Wondering if you’re a beginner? It’s not about the hours spent but your prowess on the board. If you can’t defeat IntuitionBot over 50% of the time, you qualify as a beginner. Don’t fret if you’ve never faced IntuitionBot—simply sign up for the tournament, and we’ll let you know if you’re too good to compete

Participation is free, and exciting prizes, including random drawing rewards, await contenders. First place will get first pick of either a commercial Tak set or the Wolf and Hawk metal capstones. Participants who play all of their games will also be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Mastering Tak: Level 1 by Bill Leighton or a high-level game review by one of the game’s best players. 2 of each of these random drawing prizes will be awarded.

Whether you’re new to Tak or just haven’t quite reached the skill level you’d like, this tournament offers a chance to hone your skills, connect with the community, and enjoy spirited matches. We also want to make these games easy to play, so you work with your opponents over several weeks to get your games played when you two have the same availability. That way, no one needs to play 6 hours in a row at midnight or anything like that.

For comprehensive tournament details, click here, and to secure your spot, register here. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the 2024 January Beginner Tak Tournament!