Craftsman Licenses Are Here!

The US Tak Association is pleased to unveil the Tak Craftsman License, a new opportunity for enthusiasts to craft and sell Tak sets and Capstones. Open to all, the application process promises a swift response, either approving or rejecting submissions promptly.

Bill Leighton, who we all know and love, has been named the first recipient of the Tak Craftsman License. With this recognition, Leighton can now produce and sell Tak sets and Capstones. The introduction of the license aims to diversify the offerings within the Tak community, encouraging skilled craftsmen to contribute to its growth.

Interested individuals can apply for the Tak Craftsman License through the official Tak Craftsman License Application. The USTA has partnered with Greater Than Games to be the judge of who is granted the license and is committed to an efficient approval process. And don’t worry, there is no cost to apply for a license.

The introduction of the Tak Craftsman License signals a new chapter in the Tak community’s history, providing a platform for skilled artisans to share their creations with fellow enthusiasts.