Summer Tournament Results

Yesterday we saw the last round of the Summer Tournament in the 2018 Tak season. Congratulations, once again, to NohatCoder for his first place finish! NohatCoder is clearly setting himself up as the person to beat this year after also winning the Spring tournament. However, as Nohat has already secured his place into the 2018 USTA Open later this year, the qualifying awards rolled down to the next two finishers.

The two players who are awarded 2018 Open qualifying spots are 2nd place winner rabbitboy84 and 3rd place winner SultanPepper. Congratulations to both of you and we look forward to seeing you play in the Open. So far everyone to qualify should be considered a strong contender to win in the Open and we can’t wait to see some of the beautiful games that will result.

Of those who have not yet qualified, we have Answa, Jooms, and applemonkeyman in a 3-way tie, each with 10 tournament points this season. There’s a single qualifying event yet to come, the Fall Tournament, which will open to registration August 24th and run from September 8 – 16. After that event we will award the final 4 qualifying positions, two for the top Fall Tournament ranks and two for the season point totals.

We look forward to the climax of this season and the Fall event as it gets nearer!