The Tak Retail Set

Tak Gets Retail Release this Week!

At last, the long wait for Tak is about to end for everyone. Cheapass Games has announced that this week Tak goes to retail release. You can finally head down to your local game store to pick up a copy. Or to request they carry Tak, if they don’t already. We’re keeping an eye out and will update when wider availability is confirmed.

Events after Release

Since Tak is now going to be readily available, you should ask your local game store about events while you’re there. Perhaps there’s a Tak night already planned, or you can offer to host one! There’s no better way to play Tak than across the board from someone in your community. The US Tak Association is also collaborating on a number of events throughout the coming year. Follow us on our facebook and twitter to stay up to date with the latest Tak events and news. Lastly, thank you to the whole Tak Community for being a patient and awesome group. Now go enjoy a beautiful game.