Blitz Tak Ratings of Active Players

Last update: 2023-03-21, Players: 85, Games: 379

Ratings are calculated using the WHR algorithm by Rémi Coulom, similar to the go and renju ratings.

To be included in the blitz rating calculations, a game must be played in a USTA sanctioned competition and have a total time of 10 minutes or less for a 45 move game. Standard ratings are also available

Gyn is the number of games played in the last n years. To be on the active list a player must have Games ≥ 10 and Gy2 ≥ 5.

History ratings:     Country/Region:     Active/All players:

1POL alion02210918915151515
2DEU Syme2049229170817
3GBR PlutoTheBrave19201403682836
4GBR Dickinson, Sam (fwwwwibib)1874217170817
5DNK Munch-Andersen, Jacob Christian (NohatCoder)18121883401034
6AUS Ally17791933401634
7SVK Vadocz, Viliam (x57696c6c)167110915151515
8USA MehrGills2165412812121212
9USA Rossin, Al (archvenison)164411016151516
10USA Simmon1622203170817
11UKN daenyth15381752402424
12NLD Braam, G.W.G. (Eranor)14891831401414
13ESP Sephira148713910101010
14UKN thai51014731901001010
15USA Cavanaugh, Matt (orfane)14661882721027
16CHL Zamora, Matías (Reimen)1460202170817
17USA Leighton, Bill (rabbitboy84)1459208210821
18DEU nitzel14511222871528
19GBR phase_spaced13901961601616
20UKN tslil13401981601616
21DEU Schulz, Malin (Ineria)1316203170817
22NLD Breedveld, Wouter (Wouter)127115610101010
23USA Gleeson, Sam (EVRNjayhawker)1247128157715